Shipping and Returns

Package Shipping

Generally, Packages will be shipped within 48 hours of payment receipt via UPS with tracking number and delivery without signature. If you wish to have an additional certified delivery via UPS Extra, we will apply an additional charge. If you wish to solicit this option, please get in touch with us before completing your order. We will provide tracking information so that you can follow your package delivery schedule online.

The shipping and handling fees include all the costs of properly packaging your product safely, as well as the postal costs. We charge a flat fee for the handling and preparation, but postal fees may scale with weight. We recommend grouping all items in one order so that we may provide the most convenient delivery options. We do everything we can to ensure that your product is well protected for shipping, but we do not take responsibility for any damages incurred moving the product after delivery is complete. We take great care to provide large, well protected boxes so that your dog enclosures arrive in top-tier conditions for your pet

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