At KLASKDOG VETERINARY you will find the team to help complete you dream setup for your veterinary clinic.

Almost all veterinary clinics, hospitals, and shelters begin their setup with the purchase of basic Steel Cages (widely available on the market). These cages work well and are necessary in every clinic, especially for small dogs and cats. However, when the animal is larger, recently operated, or needs further intervention these cages can often be uncomfortable and hard to modify. This is where KLASKDOG comes in.

We work with you to help design hospitalization enclosures that are fully customized and designed to fit your needs. We believe it is important for there to be utmost comfort not only for the operated animal, but for the professionals who have to enter the enclosure to provide the veterinary services. For those higher volume clinics and hospitals, we will work with you to develop a custom enclosure of appropriate size and finishing for your healthcare needs.

We are happy to study your case and provide a custom estimate, with no compromise on your part.

We work exclusively with Stainless Steel for all of our hospitalization enclosures. We can work with you to make easy folding doors with two point, secure closures. We can make the front of the enclosure out of different material, including laminated, extra-strong glass or traditional steel bars. The sidings are usually made with PVC (very easy to clean) or bars (great for hanging things like fluid bags). For the floors, we can provide multiple upgrades on traditional flooring such as integrated floor heating or a fluid collection system connected directly to your sewage line for the convenience of your pets. Our side walls can also be modified extensively with accessories for aggressive animals such as rotating feeders for the safety of employees and animals.

If you opt for the integrated floor heating, we can offer a multitude of control options such as external on/off switches or timer options. It has been shown that animals need a source of external heat in post-op recovery. Our integrated heated floor is a great way to provide it without allowing the animals to overindulge. Our custom heated floors have been formally PATENTED, we offer a custom quality that no other veterinary enclosure manufacturer can match.

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