The passionate world of pet and dog care have motivated us to spend the last four years studying, designing, and developing modular boxes and dog houses for your pet. Designed with the wellbeing of your pet in mind, we have created custom boxes/cages that are entirely modular, easy to assemble, and compatible amongst themselves. With dedication and top-tier non-corrosive material we provide adaptable solutions to make a perfect fit for every client. Our primary concern is with the long term well being of your dog in their home, so that they may rest comfortably and enjoy a multitude of accessories that suit their needs.

We have been working since 1986 in the drawing and design of agricultural and livestock products including the design of machinery for milking of cows, sheep, goats as well as experience fabricating horse stalls. One of our major lines of experience has been in designing and fabricating machineries, cages, and stalls for livestock research in universities across the country. We have experience in creating custom, animal-adapted designs for feeding and addressing the needs of multiple types of animals, including proper care for breeding. 

This experience in the animal sector for more than 25 years has now led us to a focus on home pets and veterinary clinic products. We have spent the last four years developing and fabricating modular boxes for our home pets and the professional sector (Animal sanctuaries, shelters, veterinary clinics, ethical breeders). We are helping to bring these professional experiences to the comfort of your home with adaptable, modular dog homes created with the finest materials and the comfort of your pet in mind.  Among our industrially-focused product lines we have experience developing large post-operation lodging for dogs such that they may enjoy maximum comfort while providing accessibility for the veterinary services. As with all of our products, designed extensively to be rust-free.

We are proud to be able to offer our entire selection of dog focused individual and professional product offerings entirely ONLINE.  We hope that this website can help you find the practical, modular design of pet home that will be the best for your dog. We look forward to hearing from you.

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